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Last edited on: December 28, 2015.

On December 14, On DVD reveals that “War Room” (in pre-order, available December 22) continues as the top-selling DVD in the drama category. This movie on DVD is about the power of persevering prayer to overcome evil and to heal a family. Another top-selling movie DVD, according to On on December 14, with these themes is “Woodlawn” (still in theaters but available in pre-order on DVD startingJanuary 19, 2016). This movie is based on an amazing true story of a Birmingham high school football team during great racial conflict and unrest who as a team found peace, harmony, and success as they became committed to Christ and prayed together. This team led their rival team to the same faith and reconciliation. Both of these popular movies in the Drama Genre also continue as top-selling DVDS in the African American category.

War Room FB card

War Room 2015 : photo courtesy Provident Films

According to On DVD Release. com, on December 14, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2” and “Ant-Man” that are both movies about underdog heroes who overcome evil are top-selling DVDs in the action category. Another movie about the underdog who overcomes evil to save others is “Pan” in the action category. “Pan” is also the top-selling movie in the family category. Other popular DVDs in the family category about the overcoming power of kindness are “Max” and “Cinderella. “Pan” and “Cinderella” are also top-selling DVDs in the fantasy category.

On DVD Release. com, on December 14, top-selling DVDs in the animation category, according to On DVD Release. com, on December 14, also have with themes related to the overcoming power of goodness and kindness. These are “Inside Out,” “The Good Dinosaur,” “The Peanuts Movie,” and “Big Hero 6.” Even in the sports and war categories, the top-selling DVDs , “Woodlawn,” “McFarland,” and My All-American” in sports and “Unbroken” in war are about the overcoming power of goodness.

Love comes softly movie poster

Love Comes Softly 2003 : photo courtesy Hallmark Entertainment

On December 8, Christian shows that its current top-selling DVDs are the following: “War Room,” “Saving Christmas,” “Love Comes Softly,” “Woodlawn,” “Beyond The Mask,” “When Calls the Heart,” “Return to the Hiding Place,” “Alone Yet Not Alone,” and “Do You Believe.” These, like other popular DVDs, are about the power of faith, prayer, and overcoming evil with good.

Popular DVDs today entertain and edify with hopeful stories about the overcoming power of persevering goodness that overcomes evil to bring hope, reconciliation, and eternal redemption.

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