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Celebrating Food, Faith and Family
Last edited on: December 3, 2015.

On November 27, insightful, inspiring Thanksgiving movies and programming across platforms is still available such as “The Pilgrims,” American Experience, PBS, on streaming; “Saints and Strangers” on National Geographic streaming; and “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” on DVD.

November 27, On reports that many family and redemptive movies remain top-selling DVDs. The following popular DVDS are good choices for families during the holidays:  “Max,” “Pan,” “Cinderella,”  “When Marnie Was There,”  “Ant-Man,” “When the Game Stands Tall,” “McFarland,” “Big Hero Three,” “Inside Out” and more. provides valuable reviews for these movies and much more.

Many good family movies remain in theaters.  These include: “The Peanuts Movie,” “The Good Dinosaur,” “Woodlawn,” “The 33,” and “My All American.” See Sonoma Christian Home for more on these movies.

Big Hero Three movie recommends the following movies for the Thanksgiving season that are available on DVD and/or streaming: “A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving,” “Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale,” “John Adams,” “Places in the Heart,” “Tender Mercies,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “The Trip to Bountiful,” “Driving Miss Daisy,” “Little Women,” and “Avalon.” These are all good redemptive family movies for a range of ages for the Thanksgiving Season. also recommends the following movies for the Christmas Season: “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” “Scrooge,” “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” “Joyeaux Noel,” “Ben-Hur,” “The Robe,” “The King of Kings” (silent), and “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.”

On November 27, The Kennedy Center presents via free, live streaming, of “The Giant that Lived in the Shadows,” with the Lovejoy Group’s performance of the soulful, captivating harmonies and sophisticated lyrics of Billy Strayhorn as the genius behind Duke Ellington.  Via streaming PBS presents Andrea Bocelli.

Muppet Christmas Carol Poster

On television, the Hallmark presents its Countdown to Christmas programs through the holidays. Also on television, provides its Classic Christmas movies. Further, provides holiday specials on television. See the Holiday TV Guide.

The holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrate the central Christian values of love, joy, faith and much more in a vast array of art forms that are easily accessible to the country and world on small to large screens. Thanks to the true events of the original Thanksgiving and the original nativity that have shone the love of God and man’s response of thanksgiving ever since, we have Joy at this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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