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Last edited on: May 20, 2016.

Beginning tonight, the award winning Parent Compass show will premiere it’s newest series and kicks off tonight.  From across races and incomes, parents delivers surprising insights from their upbringing and past, marriage and life management, child rearing and faith. All conversations point to God’s direction in daily family interactions from the inside perspective rather than from a professional counselor.

This new TV parenting series will provide helpful conversations for some of the biggest challenges in marriage, children and faith. Parent Compass focuses each topic around candor and faith, telling the stories of families overcoming struggles. This exciting new series will provide much needed tools for families in real life situations.

Each week for 14 weeks, the series will detail stories that answer difficult parenting questions such as:

■      Does faith matter in practical parenting?
■      In today’s many blended families, where do God and faith factor in?
■      Where is God in job loss, illness, death, bankruptcy or an assault?
■      When your family of origin fails, are your own children doomed?
■      Just what IS the “modern Christian family?”
■      How can parents give love if they never got it as a child?
■      How can a couple combat pornography together?


Here  is a preview for some of the actors and their story lines over the next few weeks:

Jonathan and Wynter Pitts–Wynter’s drug-addicted father left the family early. She and her husband, Jonathan, deliberately and intentionally work to make a different life for their four daughters. What have Wynter and Jonathan learned about God’s grace and power?  Wynter is founder and editor of For Girls Like You, a ministry and magazine for girls age 6 to 11 and their parents. Jonathan is the Executive Director of Tony Evan’s Ministry, The Urban Alternative. The Pitts’ daughter, Alena, was recently a featured actor in the hit faith film WAR ROOM.

Charlie and Rachel Cash–Charlie and Rachel grew up in unhappy and broken homes.  They felt disqualified to raise a godly family of their own until they heard a challenge to be the beginning of a new generational trend for their family.  How did they clean the family slate and begin anew?

James and Lynette Thweat–The Thweats lost a 6-year-old to cancer. After such grievous loss, how does a family keep going?

Mark and Sharon Lopez–After Sharon was assaulted, the Lopez family worked to rebuild around God.

WHEN: Series premieres online tonight, May 20, 2016.  You can go directly to Parent Compass here.

What are you most excited about with this series? Are there issues you and your family need to address?

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