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Last edited on: July 6, 2017.

Kevin Sorbo and Sean Hannity team up to show us what happens when a staunch atheist has a near-death experience that caused him to question everything – especially his faith.

In the upcoming new film Let There Be Light that’s exactly what happens as Kevin Sorbo, who portrays Dr. Sol Harkins, a world-renowned atheist, faces a life-threatening situation that compels him to question why he is an atheist – and why he isn’t a Christian.  The event challenges Dr. Harkins to dramatically explore what he truly believes and why.

Sam Sorbo (Kevin’s wife) co-wrote this script along with Dan Gordon, producer. Also starring in the film are Grammy Award-winning singers Travis Tritt and Dionne Warwick.

Kevin Sorbo’s career also boasts the hit film God’s Not Dead, The UnMiracle, and his well-known roles of Hercules in the popular television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and as Captain Hunt in Andromeda. He has a prolific acting career having been part of dozens more television shows and movies.

Sorbo teams up with popular Fox News host Sean Hannity for this film. Hannity makes his debut in the movie industry as Executive Producer of Let There Be Light and even has a small cameo.  

Sean Hannity is a popular radio and television host who tackles tough political issues of the day. His radio show airs weekdays and he hosts Hannity on the Fox News Channel at night. He is also the author of several books.

Let There Be Light will open in theaters across the nation on Christmas Eve 2017. Keep up with news about this film at Kevin Sorbo.

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