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Last edited on: September 1, 2017.

On September 15th, Because of Gracia opens in theaters! This film chronicles the ups and downs, struggles and challenges of high school teens. If you ask adults if they’d go back to high school if they could, most people respond quickly with a definitive “no!” That’s because, while there’s a lot of fun to be had, there are also daily challenges in high school. Teenagers are in the midst of self-discovery while trying to figure out the world at the same time.

Because of Gracia centers around the lives of Chase Morgan, a young man just trying to survive high school; Bobbi, a young woman struggling with a difficult relationship and a distant father while making a life-changing decision; and Gracia, a lovely new student who comes along to shake it all up and encourage her new friends to want and be more.

They’re each challenged to stand up for their faith in situations when even having faith is anything but popular. And anything but easy. Add to that, a freedom of speech double standard and a Christian faculty member who’s suffered a misstep, and this film deals with challenges being faced on all levels. How will they each choose to deal with the issues in their respective lives?

The film stars Ben Davies (I’m Not Ashamed, Courageous), John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard), Chris Massoglia (The Vampire’s Assistant), Masey McLain (I’m Not Ashamed), and newcomer Moriah Peters as Gracia.

To learn more about this film and stay updated, visit Because of Gracia.



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